The principles of sustainability and respect for the environment have always been present at the Son Mesquidassa olive grove and mill project. We use innovative and highly efficient machinery and irrigation and energy systems that ensure the correct functioning of the mill, but also a significant reduction in consumption. In addition, the estate has a small field of solar panels to provide our facilities with clean energy.

Likewise, the Son Mesquidassa oil mill has been equipped with a system to recover all the stone from the processed olives. This product is used as biofuel for sale, but also for self-consumption to generate heat and cold in our facilities, saving more than 90 tonnes of fossil fuels per year.

The remains of the olive milling process are used as an ecological herbicide in the first year. It is added to the soil as an organic fertiliser such as compost, giving back to the earth what it has given us. Combined with a very exhaustive control of the plantation, this helps us minimise the use of chemical products.

Our property is also an oasis of wildlife. You can see endless animals running around or flying with the olive and pine trees as a setting. This incredible biodiversity enhances the environmental value of our estate even more and guarantees an unforgettable visit and experience.

The olive grove is constantly growing and can absorb about 2,700 tons of CO2 per year, which contributes significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gases. As a family fully dedicated to the primary sector, we are experienced observers of the worrying changes that the climate is undergoing, which is why we believe that we must make even greater efforts to fight climate change.