Thanks to the nature of our plantation and our mill facilities, we are the island’s benchmark olive oil production plant. We aspire to take Majorcan olive oil to all corners of the world with a Majorcan team and workforce.

Obtaining the highest quality oil is the priority that guides all the processes at Son Mesquidassa. The mill has been specially designed for this purpose. It has been conceived to operate without interruption 24 hours a day during the olive harvesting period, with a processing capacity of up to 15,000 kg per hour thanks to our two state-of-the-art working lines. This makes it possible for us to extract the oil in a very short time, ensuring a high concentration of polyphenols and preserving all its natural aromas.

Furthermore, Son Mesquidassa has its own laboratory which instantly analyses the state of the fruits before they are harvested. We use a photometric analyser to find out the state of ripeness at all times and to determine the most suitable moment to start harvesting and ensure the maximum quality of the oil. No more than two hours go by between the time of harvesting of the fruit from the tree and extraction of the oil. This protects the olives from oxidation and ensures an extra virgin olive oil of superior quality.

We also have additional independent lines with which we produce olive oil for small, local farmers from the fruits they have harvested.

Olive oil plays an important part to our energy intake and metabolism. It has plenty of beneficial properties, such as: it facilitates the transport and absorption of certain vitamins, it acts as a flavour enhancer and, most importantly, it is one of the pillars of the Mediterranean diet. Therefore, at Son Mesquidassa we are committed to providing our customers with a natural and healthy product that is locally produced and offers the highest quality possible.