Xisca, Tòfol and Joan Rosselló, founder of Conservas Rosselló

Three generations come together at Son Mesquidassa: the father, Joan Rosselló, the son, Cristóbal and the grandchildren Malén, Xisca and Joan, who have committed to the regeneration and professionalisation of the Majorcan countryside and to the implementation of the most advanced technology. The family has invested in modern agriculture, design and internationalisation without giving up the tradition of good work and the philosophy of deep-rooted local companies. A commitment to the “Oli de Mallorca” Designation of Origin, to local produce and to quality that the family business “Conservas Rosselló” started more than half a century ago and that today is facing the future with strength thanks to the firm’s experience and distribution capacity.

The Son Mesquidassa estate has an area of nearly 100 hectares and is located in Felanitx (Majorca). It has belonged to the family since 1986 and has always been used for agriculture purposes. The project feasibility study began in 2007. The plan —which required an investment of around 8 million Euros— finally came to fruition in 2013, including the planting of more than 150,000 olive trees and the construction of the oil mill.

Xisca, Tòfol and Malén Rosselló